The Design Process

Creating a website is a big project. A lot of thought and detail goes into it from your side as the client, and mine as the designer.

It is essential to schedule in time to work on this project and be available to provide feedback during all parts of the process.

To give you an outline of the process, here are the four main stages that make up creating a custom website design.


Preparing to create your website is a massive part of the success of a great website. I provide support, knowledge and planning tools to help you create your content and guide you to authentically connect with your audience.

At this stage, we create a site map and page planner to map out where we’re going. All the content, including photos and written copy, must be ready before the design can begin.

Time: 3 weeks


I take your content and start designing it into bespoke page layouts. I use the information extracted from the planning process to feel your business and personal energy and intuitively translate it into graphics. This helps potential clients and customers understand your energy and know if you’re the right fit for them.

We take time to go through 2 – 3 rounds of revisions before signing off for the build. You will be asked to provide feedback within 2 days for each revision, to keep the project on track.

Time: 3 weeks


After you have approved the design, I will move on to setting up your hosting and domain name.

Then I will install WordPress and the various plugins we need, before I finally set up your page layouts, load all your content, set up Analytics, test your forms and give it a final polish.

At this stage, you have an opportunity for any final content tweaks before we go LIVE!

Time: 3 weeks

Training / Maintenance

After your site goes live, I will take you through a 1 hour training session, showing you how to manage your new website. The fundamental package includes 1 year of technical support, which includes WordPress & plugin updates, valued at £300.

Time: 1 hour / 1 year

Total creation time: 9 weeks

Are you ready?

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to book a project in.

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