I’m Frances Verbeek. I love using my design skills to help people who are making a positive impact.

I have been a website designer for nearly 20 years (crumbs!), having taught myself as a teenager.

During my years in business, I have gained a lot of knowledge about online marketing, in particular, how to authentically reach your audience. I think of it as heart-based marketing.

You don’t need a sleazy sales page to sell your services, you simply need to understand who your audience is, communicate how you solve their problem and present it in a clear and beautiful way!

And that’s where I come in :) If you need a hand with reaching your audience, I would love to help.

A picture can speak a thousand words.

The internet is a very fickle place, with some reports suggesting people’s attention span only lasts 1 – 5 seconds! An image that can communicate your vibe in one glance is a very powerful thing.

Alongside my website design business, I run The Happi Empire. I’m passionate about holistic wellbeing, spiritual development and cultivating inner happiness. I feel this is my mission in life, which is why I choose to only work with people who are making a positive impact on the world. Every little helps :)

I LOVE my clients and I’m in awe of their passion, drive and hearts of gold to do what they do in the world. They’re changing lives, helping people be well, happy, empowered and peaceful. That’s what everyone wants in life. It’s the bottom line – to stop suffering.

This inspires the bejeezus out of me and this is why I do what I do. I use my skills to help people who are helping people. And that fills my love buckets up to the max, (sometimes it spills over and I have a little cry).

Fun Facts!

Creativity is my air and you can always find me creating something: a painting, a product, an outfit, a hairstyle, a website, some illustrations, a pencil drawing, a teepee, a new layout for the living room, a dance, a song, a poem.
I currently live in Cornwall, UK. We are surrounded by beaches and green rolling hills. There’s a wonderful holistic wellbeing community here and it’s the perfect place to have a creative studio.
I’m a Reiki II Practitioner and love sharing this amazing energy with friends and family. I also charge up all my design work with Reiki energy.
I am English & Australian and have both passports. I love both countries and plan to live in both for the rest of my life :) I also love California.
Spirituality is my reason for everything! I believe there is a spiritual point, cause or reason that can explain every challenge, disease and situation.
Instagram & Pinterest inspire me every day – you can find me here and have a sneak peek at what I’m creating today!
Frances Verbeek - Intuitive design studio

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