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Creativity is my air and you can always find me creating something: a painting, a product, an outfit, a hairstyle, a website, some illustrations, a pencil drawing, a teepee, a crystal grid, a new layout for the living room, a dance, a song, a poem… these are the things that I love :)

I am English & Australian and have both passports. I love both countries and plan to live in both for the rest of my life :) I also love California.

Spirituality is my reason for everything! I believe there is a spiritual point, cause or reason that can explain every challenge, disease and situation.

I’m a Reiki II Practitioner and love sharing this amazing gift with friends and family. I also charge up all my design work with Reiki energy.

The Happi Empire is my passion project – you will find a gratitude journal, inspiration/oracle deck and action pads amongst my other creations to help you practice inner happiness.

Instagram & Pinterest inspire me every day – you can find me here and have a sneak peek at what I’m creating today!

I’m very silly. I can make 1 million funny faces, including bumface, bouncing nose and the-one-where-my-lips-go-in-opposite-directions. Oh yeah, they’re dynamic!

Growing up I would forever be creating things, including various different businesses (shoe shop, school, clothes shop, builder), making websites and creating magazines for imaginary clients.

I built my first website when I was 15 years old (for a boyband!), and the thrill of putting something live has never left me.

I designed my first professional website for a Reiki practitioner in 2002 and over the last decade, have refined what I really do best: designs for positive causes.

My logo is the symbol for the throat chakra which is about clear communication, as I help people express their truth and heart mission in a visual way.

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