Planning a website & creating content

Planning a website & creating content

planning web content

I’m in the process of creating content for this website and had forgotten how full on it is! I wanted a new design for this website, but in the heat of the moment I got all inspired by a design and didn’t plan the content, so currently looks like an empty muddled mess. I have been reminded that it takes dedication and focus to create content for a great website. Here’s a list of what to think about.


  1. Who is this website for?
  2. What do i want to offer?
  3. Who will be reading it?
  4. Who do I want to attract?
  5. What kind of vibe do I want to send out?

These questions need to be answered in detail, then refined to one sentence.


  1. What information will my visitors be looking for?
  2. What names are best for my pages?
  3. How much content should one page have? It’s always better to have a short amount, with corresponding links to more information, as the attention span for web reading is extremely low.


  1. Can a person with no web skills easily navigate around the site?
  2. Are the page names intuitive?
  3. Do my visitors know which page to look on for the info they’re looking for?


  1. Which writing style is best for my perfect visitor? Conversational or corporate? Abbreviated or beautifully written english?
  2. Have I spilt the information up into enough subtitled sections?
  3. Have I got someone to read through to test the attention span?
  4. Do I ask questions and engage the reader, or is it information written in an academic style?


  1. Do my images represent the vibe I want to send out?
  2. Do I have all licences & permissions for the images I’m using?
  3. Are my images professional or amateur? Clear and big enough?
  4. Do the images represent my brand?


  1. Pinterest is fabulous for vision-boarding your website ideas
  2. Check out your competitors websites and get tips for information you might need to include
  3. Write beautiful content and include beautiful pictures. Pictures are absolutely essential if you are selling a product, as the only way people can make a decision to buy a product online is visually.


Why happiFran?

Why happiFran?


Long long ago (2003), in a land far far away (QLD, Australia), I took part in a metaphysics course, run by Margaret McElroy. This course changed my life. It set the direction of my career, spiritual path & passion. It taught me all about the universe, it’s laws, my personal life journey and the challenges I face, the contrasting ego and higher self, tips & tricks to follow your passion in life, why we are here in the first place AND I learned all about affirmations.

Affirmations really resonated with me. At the time I got a little obsessed with them, I had them on sticky notes all over my walls. This is how the first product I designed, Happi Cards, came about. And this is where my alter-ego came from! HappiFran is the Fran I want to be, and often am! It’s a strong affirmation for the focus of my life and it has snowballed into other areas – my business The Happi Empire, and my first product Happi Cards.

At the time, I was just coming out of my teenage years, so still had a little bit of an immature thought process… * cue teenage hormonal voice* ‘I’m super unique and creative, I’m so different from everyone else that I will spell my name slightly differently and that will prove my uniqueness.’ The ‘i’ at the end of happi stuck and has followed me into life 10 years later. I’m sure it will stick around until I leave this physical plane too!

So that explains happiFran. I’m not happy all the time, times when I am blue I couldn’t feel further removed from this name, but the name reminds me & pulls me back into alignment. It is the greatest affirmation!

Affirmations & Happi Cards

Love it

Love it

hello from the new reFRESHED!

This is my new home for all of my creative pursuits, including web design, graphic design, painting, products and eCourses.

Get ready for a creative BURST of delight! Inspiration is going to fly from all angles!

I will be blogging about interior styling, fashion, print design, digital design, spiritual enlightenment, love, yoga, healthy eating and whatever else pops into my funky little mind :)

love & thanks for stopping by to read my first blog for this refreshed design!

Fran xo

Swinging Fran


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